4 basic steps of obtaining MR image

MRI가 측정하는 것은 수소 분자가 자기장에서 perturbation에 반응하는 것이라고 한다. 여기서 perturbation이라고 하는 것은
아마도 radiofrequency (RF) pulse가 수소 핵에 어떤 충격을 가하여 생성되는 것인 것 같다.

아무튼 다음은 MR image를 획득하는 네 단계이다.

1. to place the brain in a magnetic field
2. the application of a brief radiofrequency (RF) pulse (This RF-pulse perturbs the hydrogen nuclei in the brain.)
 - 다른 핵이 아닌 수소 핵을 이용하는 이유는 "hydrogen nuclei are abundant in the human brain and give a relatively strong
   MRI signal".
3. to measure the radio signal emitted from the hydrogen nuclei
4. to transform this signal to obtain a 3-dimensional MRI image
Hydrogen nuclei are positively charged particles that spin around their axis. When an electrically charged particle moves, it produces a magnetic field. ... each hydrogen nucleus in the brain can be seen as a vector with the vector representing the strength and direction of the magnetic field of the hydrogen nucleus produced by its spinning around its axis. This vector is also known as the Magnetic Dipole Moment (DMD)."

(출처는 나중에 올리도록 하겠음.)

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